There are a couple of reasons why you would need to upgrade your meter panel. The two main reasons are that your current panel may be too small or underpowered or be hazardous. Common examples for needing to upgrade would be if you are renovating your home or doing an addition because often you are adding appliances such as an oven, hot tub, spa, central air conditioning, larger refrigerator. Your home is not automatically equipped with enough power that you need. You may be flipping circuit breakers or blowing fuses due to the increased electrical demand and you may need to upgrade your panel. Another reason would be issues with fuse box safety. Older homes may have electrical panels that have fuses rather than circuit breakers. Fuse boxes were installed in homes back when homes needed considerably less power. In this day and age, there has been a steady increase in electronic use and home energy consumption, which means that the electrical systems in older homes can easily become overloaded.

An electrical upgrade can help to ensure that your electrical system is equipped to meet your energy needs and protect your family and property. Sky Power Company can perform a free inspection of your electrical system. We will coordinate your job with the power company and the Department of Building and Safety. We will obtain the permits and guarantee that you pass electrical inspection by the Department of Building and Safety.

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