Are your lights flickering or dimming in an area of your home when the microwave is on or when the refrigerator turns on? Do you have an outlet not working or working intermittently at best? Are you blowing fuses? Do you have a pesky electrical circuit breaker that keeps tripping, killing power to an area of your home? Have you detected sparks or noticed occasional smoke coming from an outlet or appliance in your home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let the electrical troubleshooting experts at Sky Power Company work to fix all your electrical problems.

At Sky Power Company, we have years of experience with troubleshooting electric switches, electric plugs (outlets or receptacles), lights, electric wires, and electrical equipment connections in residential and commercial buildings. Our courteous, licensed, trained electricians will safely troubleshoot and repair all of your electrical problems.

Our electricians at Sky Power Company want to only replace the defective components and do so in the least amount of time. We use a systematic approach that is reliable and effective in finding the source of most electrical issues.

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